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Cebuana Lhuillier Davao Concert

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I AM Nikon Patrol Davao

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Hollywood Burgers Davao

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Kadayawan 2012: Indak-Indak Sa Kadalanan

Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan, one of the anticipated event of Kadayawan was held last August 18, 2012, Saturday. Delegates from the neighboring provinces also took part in this street dancing competition. Though I live here in Davao for years, this was the first time I witness it live and it exceeds more than I expected. No wonder why most Dabawenyos goes out in the streets just to watch this epic event. I can't totally describe it in words but all in all, it was colorful and fun event! I really enjoyed it much. So next year, I'll make sure I'll witness this event again. Here are some snapshots I took last Saturday.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bounce Back to the PEAK: Hollywood Burgers

I accompanied Naprey for his shoot with Jojie Alcantara and Ian Garcia last Monday but since we were too early we decided to wait at Hollywood Burgers. Hollywood Burgers is situated at the Peak of Gaisano Mall of Davao. If you didn’t know, Sid is the owner of Hollywood Burgers is the same who is behind the famous Gino’s Burger.

Sid "The owner of Hollywood Burgers"

He went solo because of unfortunate circumstances with his business partner. It was sad to hear from him he experienced it twice already, the first time was in Bacolod. Good thing, this didn’t reflect on how see Filipinos since it always happens in every business. Sid just moved forward and happily bounces back at the PEAK. Sid also shared to us that they will introduced one new flavor every month and as of now they have 15 more burger flavors in queue. At Hollywood burgers, you can try different flavor of burgers in a bigger and better environment. Hollywood Burgers also serves fries, breakfast meals and beers! Visit Hollywood Burgers at the Peak of Gaisano Mall of Davao.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I AM Nikon Patrol Davao

I AM Nikon Patrol, event by Nikon Philippines sponsored by Digital Photographer Philippines, Phottix and Tekpone Gadgets was held last August 4 at Ateneo De Davao University. Davao City was the first leg for this nationwide event. Early birds catches the freebies for this event. Too bad I didn't got one of the major price since I am only the third person to arrive but I really like the Nikon cap and baller band I received.

The event started when they presented their additional lineup for the Nikon cameras. Nikon D3200, Nikon D800, Nikon D800E, and Nikon D4. The presenter also explained the different and amazing features of each models. Next to present, Ricky Ladia for Nikon Creative Lighting System. I learned a lot from him and the tips he gave to us was really awesome.

After lunch break, it was Niko Villegas who presented first. He challenged us to direct 33 pose in one minute but only one team reached around 20+. Mr. Niko Villegas showed us the do's and the don't in shooting models and for the first time he taught us hes technique in directing models. (I actually record it in video so I can reviewed it from time to time) The thing he always emphasized to us that communication of the photographer and the model is very important! Thanks Sir Niko!

Lastly, Xander Angeles presented how Advertising Photography can be a big business. Just attend the Nikon Patrol event because I can't share the things he showed to us. And finally, Mr. Niko Villegas had an actual shoot with FHM model/actress with Bela Padilla. Over around 200+ Davao photographers witnessed this once in a lifetime experience. Digital Photographer Philippines and minor sponsors also gave some raffled items and freebies during the event.(70-300mm lenses, digital cameras, tshirts and more!) Too bad I didn't get one so I bought DPP shirts just outside the event room. (rofl)

Thanks Nikon, Nikon PROs, DPP, Phottix and especially Tekpone!
I AM James Malibiran, I AM NIKON!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Island Hopping Davao

 Last year’s Island Hopping was a blast and together with my friends, we did it again this year. Thanks to the celebrants, our sponsors Jhong and Chris. We were supposed to take the Vanishing Island, Mushroom Rock and Cannibad route this year but due to the violent winds created from the southwest sea we had no choice but take the usual Island Hopping route. Well, it’s better safe than sorry.

From Sta. Ana Wharf, we travel an hour and one half to reach the Coral Garden. I’ve been there a lot of times already but I’m still excited to jump in the waters and take a deep dive. As soon as we arrive, everyone grabs their snorkel and lifevest and just enjoy the sea. It’s good to see there are more attendees this year than our last Island Hopping.

Our next destination is my all time favorite spot here in Talikud Island, the Angel’s Cove. Why this is my favorite spot? First, the environment is very relaxing. Second, the depth in this area is just right for me, if I’m not mistaken it is around 15 feet. In here I can have a private time with underwater camera and just snorkel snorkel snorkel. LOL! By the way, my UW camera is dead already. I’m suspecting it was here when It started leaking, I guess I got carried away bringing it at its limit feet capacity. After snorkeling and goofing around with my friends, we had our lunch on the boat. I can’t forget the delicious cake that was bake by Catamora. It was so YUMMY! Hope he’ll bring more next time. Hahahaha!

For our destination is the famous Babusanta Resort. We decided to dock and just rest in one of their cottages. The weather was so hot and we didn’t have much activity back there until one of the group started asking me about photography. Then we had our on the spot basic photography lesson there. Together with my model Danbo, I shared some things I learned over the year as a hobbyist photographer. I really had fun sharing those things to them. After a quick photography session, we rushed in the waters to take our last dive for that day. It was another memorable experience with them. Hope we can do this every year.

Carabao Dive Center
Sta. Ana Wharf, Monteverde St. Davao City
Tel: (082)3001092 / 2842319

Boat Rates:

Package 1: Php 6,500
(Sites: Talikud Island) Angels Cove - Babu Santa Beach - Coral Garden

Package 2: Php 8,000
(Sites: Around Talikud) Angels Cove - Babu Santa Beach - Coral Garden - Isla Cristina - Pacific Little Secret - Wishing Island

Package 3: Php 8,500
(Sites: Mushroom Rock) Mushroom Rock - Punk Rock - San Remeglo
Package 4: Php 8,500
(Sites: Aundanao) Aundanao - Small Ligid - Big Ligid
Package 5: Php 12,500
(Sites: Around Samal)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Go Nuts Donuts: Donut Talk

The Go Nuts Philosophy is a combination of the company’s drive to assist in today’s fast paced world while retaining its core heritage. In doing so we have faith that our brand can easily keep pace with many international counterparts in the local arena and represent what is truly Proudly Pinoy. In providing more than just great donuts we hope to encapsulate the comfort, convenience and the family environment.

Go Nuts Donuts (The Brand) has been around for the past 8 years and is competing against major donut brands such as Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Mister Donut and JCO. But among them, Go Nuts Donuts is the only brand that is proudly Filipino! And that is clearly a good reason why customers (especially the Pinoys) should patronize Go Nuts Donuts.

What sets Go Nuts Donuts apart from other brands?
  1. Go Nuts Donuts is proudly Filipino-made, using premium ingredients at a price that gives  value for your money.
  2. The Brand incorporates local flavors into their products that appeal to both the local and international market.
  3. The Brand values its customers by providing them with the highest level of personalized service so they will come back for more. 
  4. The Brand has a fun and hip image that appeals both locally and internationally.
  5. The Brand aims to always innovate the market by launching products that are uniquely Go Nuts Donuts. Its goal is to surprise and entice customers by introducing food products that will surely appeal to their taste buds.
Go Nuts Donuts Latest Product Innovations

Go Nuts Sugar-Free Donuts
Go Nuts Sugar-Free donuts/Go Nuts Lite (as low as Php 18.00 ea)
Pizza Donuts (Php 36.00 ea)

Recently, Go Nuts Donuts launched two supporting products:

  1.  Grab and Go. Snacks wrapped in simple but fun individual packs and they can last for seven days. They’re wrapped in see-thru packaging; hence, customers can be assured of its freshness. Its extended shelf life also makes it great as pabaon for your kids. 

    -    Donut Cakes  PhP 15.00/ pack - Yummy cakes in the shape of small donuts with extra-special toppings. Available in Cheese, Ube and Chocolate
    -    Whoopee Pies PhP 25.00 ea- Soft mini cakes sandwiched with thick, yummy marshmallow filling.

    -    Available in Ube, Chocolate, and Vanilla
    -    Moist Cakes PhP 20.00- Light on the bite, perfect to go with hot or cold beverages. Available in Butter,  and Chocolate flavors
    -    Cookie Bites PhP 25.00/ pack– Bite-sized chewy, flavorful cookies with a healthy twist. Available in Classic Chocolate Chip, Double Fudge Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Oatmeal, and Peanut Butter
    -    Fudgy Loops  PhP 20.00 ea- Choco donut loops with gooey choco frosting and candy toppers. Available in Choco Peanut, Choco Frost, Black and White, and Chocolate Chips

  2.  Pocket Pies  PhP 46.00 each

    Just like the Go Nuts Pizza, these are for customers who wish to have a “savory” experience. Pocket Pies are flavorful meat fillings stuffed on a glazed (flaky) puff pastry crust and baked to perfection. These delicious yet affordable Pocket Pies are great when eaten right away or as pasalubong. Available in three variants:
    -    Tuna - filled with chunky tuna goodness
    -    Pizza - loaded with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and meat and veggie bits
    -    Chicken - Packed with creamy chicken filling

    Pinoys are sentimental when it comes to special occasions and holidays. On such occasions, they are fond of giving gifts to friends, families and loved ones. With this in mind, watch out for our seasonal donuts and beverages:

    -    Disney Donuts – Go Nuts Donuts is the exclusive licensee of Disney-themed donuts in the Philippines
    -    Mother's Day and Father's Day Donuts
    -    Halloween Donuts
    -    Christmas Donuts
    -    Valentines Donuts
    -    Summer Koolers  - All-natural, freshly-made ice blended drinks

For the love of its customers, it is evident that Go Nuts Donuts has evolved from merely offering donuts to other food items that support and build the brand. In line with the company’s evolution, Go Nuts Donuts has rebranded and taken on a new logo and tag line: the Go Nuts Donuts Plus!

Furthermore, the brand has replaced the original tagline INSANELY DELICIOUS! with the new tag line: MORE THAN JUST GREAT DONUTS!

Through the new logo and tagline, the Brand wants to convey to the customers that aside from donuts, it now has more food choices available for them but at the same time, it reassures them that donuts will continue to be the Brand’s core competence.

In the coming years, Go Nuts Donuts will continue to innovate its products to satisfy the customer’s needs and wants while still maintaining reasonable prices and giving the customers value for their money.  The brand is looking into strengthening its brand further and making its reach wider so that more customers will get only the best of what Go Nuts Donuts has to offer.

 Visit Davao City Branches of Go Nuts Donuts:

   1. Abreeza - Ground Floor Space 1033A, Abreeza Mall, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City
   2. Gaisano - Lower Ground Level, Gaisano Mall of Davao, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City