About James Malibiran

I'm James Malibiran and obviously this is my personal blog. (chuckle) On weekdays, I'm a homebased online employee and on weekdays I either shoot, bike or travel somewhere.

Photography is my obsession and my passion. I started shooting with my mom's Canon sx100is and eventually loving it. I reached to a point that I already maximized on what my gear can offer so I upgraded to a Nikon D90. Up to now, my Nikon D90 is still my best bud when shooting. What things I do usually shoot? (think) Well, mostly anything. Portrait, Landscape, Architecture, Street, Foods name it! Photography is fun, it is my stress reliever.

Biking was an accidental hobby for me. It started last year when my mom offered me a mountain bike for a cheaper price. Since then, I bike around Toril to Ulas v.v. alone. I also love doing Photobikes (Photography+Biking) especially when I'm off or in my free time. But now, I'm not alone in trailing somewhere since I joined the BIKEtas group. Though I'm the weakest in the group when it comes to biking, it's still fun trailing with them. (practice,practice,pratice)

TRAVELTraveling is one of the things I do most. I travel at least twice a month alone, with my friends or family. Seeing different places, trying different things, meeting new people, eating several cuisines excites me. It excites me more when I bring my camera to capture this places. It also thrills me when I'm lost. (rofl) Maybe because it is more fulfilling to explore and wander somewhere without knowing where to go. Yes! It is quite expensive but I rather travel while I'm young and still alive.


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