Thursday, December 20, 2012

Laag ta sa Malaysia: Sunway Lagoon


As the year ends, I had taken already 85,000 snapshots with my camera (I hope it doesn’t die before my brother’s wedding). Well, almost since some shutter click was done by my friends. Most of it was uploaded in social networking sites and some of it is in prints and been frame already (I love it when I see it in frames!). I’ll post some of my travels I failed to post here in my blog. To start, I’ll share my second out-of-the-country trip with my relatives.

Our first major stop is the Sunway Lagoon. From Davao to Cebu to Singapore and Malaysia, we travel almost a day just to reach this place. Imagine 5 different theme parks in just 1 location? They have: Waterpark, Scream Park, Amusement Park, Extreme Park and Wildlife Park. Due to time constraint and since we all love to spend most of our time swimming, we spend most of our hours in the Water Park.

The admission fee (RM1 = Php14):
- Adult: RM 120/Php1,680
- Child: RM 90/ Php1,260

They have separate fee for Bungy Jumping, G-Force X, Paintball War Game and some extreme Rides. Bringing of food and drinks here is not allowed. They are open daily at 10am to 6pm.
Here are some pictures of Sunway Lagoon:
(We tried all the water slides by the way and it was really fun, don't have any video though. :D)

I want to try this one but it's under maintenance besides the fee is quite expensive.

Sunway Lagoon Water Park has a lot of pools. I never miss one, even the kid's pool. hahahahaha!
Fast and Easy Ride.
Of all the slide rides, this one is my favorite. Tried it a couple of times.

The highest and quite scary slide. XD


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