Saturday, August 11, 2012

I AM Nikon Patrol Davao

I AM Nikon Patrol, event by Nikon Philippines sponsored by Digital Photographer Philippines, Phottix and Tekpone Gadgets was held last August 4 at Ateneo De Davao University. Davao City was the first leg for this nationwide event. Early birds catches the freebies for this event. Too bad I didn't got one of the major price since I am only the third person to arrive but I really like the Nikon cap and baller band I received.

The event started when they presented their additional lineup for the Nikon cameras. Nikon D3200, Nikon D800, Nikon D800E, and Nikon D4. The presenter also explained the different and amazing features of each models. Next to present, Ricky Ladia for Nikon Creative Lighting System. I learned a lot from him and the tips he gave to us was really awesome.

After lunch break, it was Niko Villegas who presented first. He challenged us to direct 33 pose in one minute but only one team reached around 20+. Mr. Niko Villegas showed us the do's and the don't in shooting models and for the first time he taught us hes technique in directing models. (I actually record it in video so I can reviewed it from time to time) The thing he always emphasized to us that communication of the photographer and the model is very important! Thanks Sir Niko!

Lastly, Xander Angeles presented how Advertising Photography can be a big business. Just attend the Nikon Patrol event because I can't share the things he showed to us. And finally, Mr. Niko Villegas had an actual shoot with FHM model/actress with Bela Padilla. Over around 200+ Davao photographers witnessed this once in a lifetime experience. Digital Photographer Philippines and minor sponsors also gave some raffled items and freebies during the event.(70-300mm lenses, digital cameras, tshirts and more!) Too bad I didn't get one so I bought DPP shirts just outside the event room. (rofl)

Thanks Nikon, Nikon PROs, DPP, Phottix and especially Tekpone!
I AM James Malibiran, I AM NIKON!


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