Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Secret Place of Ilocos Norte

Save the best for last! Our tour guide Kuya Glenn bring us to this secret place. It was closed not so long time ago but since he is somewhat close to the owner we infiltrate the place without permission. He affirms us that it’s really okay. And we go on; we walk for a short distance under the heat of the sun, we were tired already that time but upon reaching the place our exhaustion were gone in a snap. Why? Just check the pictures why.

Isn’t it breathtaking?

Isn’t it like a view from New Zealand?

Amazing! It’s the best way to end our Lakbay Ilocos Trip!


I want to share my experience to that place. Based on the photos, I think that is Palpalookada. We were privileged to have been there and experienced horseback-riding in that amazing landscape in June2012. We rode the horse up to the cliffs, through the forest and down the beach. Back then, the local government wanted to promote tourism in their municipality so they contacted the group that introduced sandboarding in Paoay. The group came up with the idea of horseback-riding since locals there have horses to get around the town. Unfortunately, I just found out from my officemate who went there last January, the horseback-ride is no longer offered and the place is already close because they are putting in giant windmills similar to Bangui.

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