Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kabigan Falls

Another day for another trip, quite sad since it was our last day in Ilocos but I should say it was in fact memorable. We wake up early in a resort in Pagudpud, had our breakfast and off we go. I requested Kuya Glenn to bring us to Kaangrian Falls. I was fascinated when I saw a picture of this falls in the web however he said our time will be short if we’ll go there since you have to trek at most 10 kilometers just to reach the said falls. Instead he’ll bring us to this another falls named Kabigan Falls though we still need to walk around 1.8 kilometers from the national highway. I like walking or trekking if I’m on a trip else I’ll prefer to bike. Hahahahaha!

Together with my trippers, we started trekking around 9:00 in the morning to Kabigan Falls. What I like it here is they maintain everything as it is, no unnecessary constructions of pathways etc that kills the beauty of the nature. After an hour of trekking, we reached the Kabigan Falls. I’d visit and seen many waterfalls in our country but I would say it is one of the falls that has the clearest water ever. After minutes of picture taking, I quickly dive into the waters of Kabigan Falls then after an half of an hour we went trekking back. Thanks to my cousins April and Peachy for taking some snapshots! :)

Crystal Clear Water
It's like swimming in a pool of mineral water. hahahahaha! :)))


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