Thursday, January 10, 2013

Calle Crisologo

Just what I said in my previous post, I'll be sharing my favorite spots we've been to in our Lakbay Norte trip. It was on our 2nd day of our Lakbay Norte Trip when we arrived at our last stop, Calle Crisologo. After leaving all my stuffs in a nearby Inn, I hurriedly bring my camera and tripod to see the place. It is said that it is the major attraction here in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. While seeing the place, I was like transported back in the period of Spanish colonial time. I loved it best on the night we were there and it rained, the lights were reflected on the deserted street. Still "bitin", I and my cousin April decided to wake up early and visit again the said street. Finally, it was all clear skies and a beautiful sunrise welcomes us that morning.

"Souvenir shops with t-shirts displayed outside like this ruin the view and atmosphere." :(

"I and my cousin April came back the next morning. With Danbo as our model, we walk around the place"

"Breakfast @ Grandpa's Inn"


wow james, this is so nice. your are the greatest photographer in the whole world. you are Lito James. hahahahha

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