Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bangui Windmills

We visited another famous attraction of Ilocos Norte, the Bangui Windmills or Bangui Wind Farm. Silly me, I was expecting these windmills are around 70 ft only so I was surprised upon seeing how big are they. These windmills are 230-ft high and it supplies electricity for the huge part of Ilocos Norte. Nearby the area, you can buy souvenirs like miniature windmills, shirts and even beach pebbles for a low cost. We didn’t spend some time swimming that time rather we had our picture taking. I was saying this again and again but it’s also best to visit this place during golden hours. Geez, I wish I can teleport to these places in Ilocos with just a snap of my fingers so I can shoot them during golden hours in just a day.


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