Sunday, August 5, 2012

Island Hopping Davao

 Last year’s Island Hopping was a blast and together with my friends, we did it again this year. Thanks to the celebrants, our sponsors Jhong and Chris. We were supposed to take the Vanishing Island, Mushroom Rock and Cannibad route this year but due to the violent winds created from the southwest sea we had no choice but take the usual Island Hopping route. Well, it’s better safe than sorry.

From Sta. Ana Wharf, we travel an hour and one half to reach the Coral Garden. I’ve been there a lot of times already but I’m still excited to jump in the waters and take a deep dive. As soon as we arrive, everyone grabs their snorkel and lifevest and just enjoy the sea. It’s good to see there are more attendees this year than our last Island Hopping.

Our next destination is my all time favorite spot here in Talikud Island, the Angel’s Cove. Why this is my favorite spot? First, the environment is very relaxing. Second, the depth in this area is just right for me, if I’m not mistaken it is around 15 feet. In here I can have a private time with underwater camera and just snorkel snorkel snorkel. LOL! By the way, my UW camera is dead already. I’m suspecting it was here when It started leaking, I guess I got carried away bringing it at its limit feet capacity. After snorkeling and goofing around with my friends, we had our lunch on the boat. I can’t forget the delicious cake that was bake by Catamora. It was so YUMMY! Hope he’ll bring more next time. Hahahaha!

For our destination is the famous Babusanta Resort. We decided to dock and just rest in one of their cottages. The weather was so hot and we didn’t have much activity back there until one of the group started asking me about photography. Then we had our on the spot basic photography lesson there. Together with my model Danbo, I shared some things I learned over the year as a hobbyist photographer. I really had fun sharing those things to them. After a quick photography session, we rushed in the waters to take our last dive for that day. It was another memorable experience with them. Hope we can do this every year.

Carabao Dive Center
Sta. Ana Wharf, Monteverde St. Davao City
Tel: (082)3001092 / 2842319

Boat Rates:

Package 1: Php 6,500
(Sites: Talikud Island) Angels Cove - Babu Santa Beach - Coral Garden

Package 2: Php 8,000
(Sites: Around Talikud) Angels Cove - Babu Santa Beach - Coral Garden - Isla Cristina - Pacific Little Secret - Wishing Island

Package 3: Php 8,500
(Sites: Mushroom Rock) Mushroom Rock - Punk Rock - San Remeglo
Package 4: Php 8,500
(Sites: Aundanao) Aundanao - Small Ligid - Big Ligid
Package 5: Php 12,500
(Sites: Around Samal)


hi do you have any contact person for those package rates? thanks

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