Monday, December 19, 2011

Lake Agco Jacuzzi: Antapan Mountain Resort

For the remaining hours we need to spend at Lake Agco, we went to Antapan Mountain Resort. It’s just a few meters away from the other resort we visited. For only Php 15.00, you can try their Jacuzzi and Natural Sauna. Its way hotter than the mud pool we tried before but it sure can relax our body. For first timer like me, the fragrant of the sauna seems odd for my nose but you’ll get use to it when you stay there for about 15 minutes. After doing the sauna, we kind of trek around the resort and found this chilly falls. It was that not big but sure you’ll enjoy it.


Taking a look at these images made me realize that you don't need whirlpool bathtubs just to enjoy such a relaxing experience!

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