Monday, December 19, 2011

D’ Leonor Inland Resort and Wavepool

D’ Leonor Inland Resort and Wavepool situated in Communal, Purok 5, Davao City. Together with my friends, we held our Christmas Outing here just yesterday. To get here, you can ride a jeepney with “Communal” Route or just take a cab. When entering the premises, you need to pay their Php 75.00 gate entrance and another Php 250.00 fee for the wavepool. Yes! It is quite expensive but their area is really bigger than the other resorts and water parks. Same with Emars Wavepool Davao, every hour there’s a siren that indicates the waves are coming. At this time, we rush going to the pool to enjoy the waves. I do suggest you swim in the Raging River since they have stronger waves in that area. We also tried the slides and the Jacuzzi pool. I’m not sure how long we did swim for the whole day but I’m sure we really did have fun.

Thanks to Julay for this one. :)

and again to Julay for this one. :) ( I am still in the pool when they did this cool shot)


ayosa sa wave master uie... 5th to the last... d best ang tanang pics Master! :]

^_^ salamat glay.. :) uu pero around hapon na kusog2x ang wave! lingaw kaau..hahhahahah!

nice photos james

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