Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bluejaz Resort and Waterpark | Samal Island

We celebrate my cousin's birthday at Bluejaz Resort and Waterpark situated in Samal Island. My second time visiting the place but first time to try their beach and waterpark. It's just a ferry ride away from Maryknoll for Php 30.00 or you can take their back entrance by using the route from the barge port. Bluejaz Resort is open from 6am up to 5pm for Day tour customers. You just need to pay Php 90.00 for adults and Php 70.00 for a child this includes already the use of the open cottages and swimming pool.

When the first time I use their waterslide, well it's quite boring? I want to skid fast but the flowing water is not enough to make me enjoy the slide. But try to rent those giant life buoy for Php 100.00/hour and you'll never regret it. We rented two of those and it made me satisfy using their slides. It's way too fast than I expected. Woooooot! I tried it for a countless times. :)

Another watersports thingy we tried is the banana boat ride for only Php 200.00 per person. I think we were 10 and for 15 mins we traveled back and forth the resort. It was like "bitin" since we're never tumbled down even once or it's just the jetski driver who can't handle our prowess. hahahahaha! Should I come back to this resort? Why not?! Who you travel with is more important than your destination. ;)


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