Sunday, November 27, 2011

Max's Restaurant | Abreeza Mall of Davao

One of the best thing when my mom visits us here in Davao, she always treat us somewhere. After fetching her in the airport, we went to Abreeza Mall to have some luscious food trip. I had this opportunity to dine in on Max’s Restaurant. This is my childhood favorite restaurant way back in Manila. Too bad their branches in SM and Gaisano Mall closed down years ago but fortunately it has opened its door again for the Dabawenyos.

It’s a good thing we went there on weekdays so it’s not that crowded as I expected. Their service is fast, within minutes our order arrived. I also like the atmosphere of the restaurant but it’s kind of awkward when some of the staffs were staring at me when I’m taking pictures of the food we ordered and the place itself.

Crispy Pata - Regular
The crispy and "fork-tender" goodness of Max's Crispy Pata (pork leg) starts with selecting A-grade pork knuckle, properly cleaned, processed and cooked the same way we cook our famous "sarap to the bones" Max's fried chicken. Serves: 2-3
PHP 418.95

Regular Fried Chicken (half)
The original and classic fried chicken that made Max's world famous and a Filipino institution. Golden fried to perfection with a unique blend of secret spices. Truly sarap to the bones!
PHP 198.45

Camaron Rebosado
Shrimps dipped in golden batter and deep-fried so its crisp on the outside and soft and juicy inside. Served with sweet and sour sauce Good for 2 - 3 persons.
PHP 334.95

Lumpiang Shanghai
Ground pork and spices rolled in lumpia wrapper, deep-fried and served with atchara and delicious sweet & sour sauce. Good for 2-3 persons.
PHP 142.80

If you happen to visit Abreeza Mall, why not visit Max's Restaurant and try their food. :)

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