Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pearl Farm Resort Davao: Day Tour

I was quite busy for the past weeks to update my blog and finally I’ll be writing my pending posts now. Before my workmate, Mole will fly back to Palawan, we spend a one day trip to Pearl Farm Resort. Pearl Farm is a resort situated on Samal Island of Davao City. It is also famous for scuba diving since the area around the resort has been declared a marine sanctuary.

Talking back to our trip, together with Rej, Naprey and Mole we meet up at the Marina around 6:30 am since our boat transfer is scheduled at 7:00. After an almost 1-hour boat ride we reached the resort. We were welcome by hospitable staffs of the resorts and they served drinks as well. Then we walk around the resort for half day to relax and have fun. We climb the peak of Pearl Farm where you can have a panoramic view of the beach and Malipano Island. We visited some villas and facilities around the resort. Take a look of their Butik house and the school of fishes wandering around beneath the villas. Just by watching these things made us at ease.

It was about 11:30 in the morning when we have our lunch buffet at the Pearl Farm Restaurant. This was my favorite part of the trip. It is a sumptuous delicious buffet and it was all worth it. I can’t resist trying almost the entire dishes serve in the trays. Just bring some extra money since the drinks is not included in your day tour fee.

Around 1:00pm, we were scheduled for a boat transfer to Malipano Island. It is where you can do your water activities like swimming, jet skiing, banana boat, kayaking and many more. We spent almost our whole afternoon here. If you want to forget your problems even once in awhile, I do recommend visiting this place. One of the best resorts, Pearl Farm, I ever visited.

Day Tour Fee:

Monday – Thursday : Php 1,850.00
Friday – Sunday: Php 2,250.00

For Inquiries and Reservations:

Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal, Philippines
+63 (082) 234-0601 / 235-0876 / 221-9970 to 72
Fax No: (082) 221-9979 or 300-1914
Mla. Office: (02) 750-1898 / 750-1896
893-2093 / Fax No: (02) 750-1894


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