Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Maria Cristina Falls: Zip Line Adventure

Our Maria Cristina Falls Adventure is not over yet. Zip lining is the next on queue. For only a fee of Php 200.00, you can experience their unique zip line adventure. It is required to wear shoes when taking a zip line so you need to rent one if you don’t have one. After gearing up, we went to an exhausting 150 steps climb to our first station.

Maria Cristina Falls zip line was divided into 4 zips. I can’t consider the first zip as a zip. It was like a rappelling horizontal. It is too slow but too high. After the first rappel or should I say zip line, we are now ready for the 2nd zip. We need to jump off at the top of the tree, a very high giant old tree. Hahahhhaha! Honestly, I was really nervous that time. I wasn’t able to take a video or even a single picture during my zip from the 2nd station because I was really scared my camera might fall. And here comes my turn. Whoooooooooooaw! I was shouting out loud to relieve my nervousness. I think I was gonna die. LOL! But seriously, it was the fastest zip I ever did. I wanna try it again!

And now here comes our third and fourth zip, that time I was really enjoying the moment. It was my first time zip lining across the river. It was also my first time attempted to zip line upside down. Whoaw! I really love the way I felt that time. The scariest and one of the best zip line experience.
When visiting Iligan, put this on your checklist and try this one. By the way, they are close on Tuesdays for maintenance. More zip line experience on my next post. :) See yah!


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