Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dahilayan Adventure Park: Zip Zone

I’ll share my zip line experience at Dahilayan Adventure Park. Dahilayan is located in the mountains of Manolo Fortich Bukidnon. An hour and one-half ride from Cagayan De Oro City or five and one-hour ride from Davao City. Ever since, this is one of the zip line park here in the Philippines I really want to try and finally here it is.

Zipzone is open every day even on Holidays. Rates are the following: 840mt (40kls. – 110 kls. only): P 500.00/pax/ride 320m + 150mt: P 250.00/pax/ride All Rides (320mt. + 150mt. + 840mt.) I and my uncle go for the All Rides. Wooot woooot! When we were gearing up, we met this circle of friends from Butuan City: The Bacul brothers and company. They asked me if I can take pictures of them while zip lining and without hesitation I say yes. Yey! We are now in a larger group. Hehehe.

We did first try the 320m ride. I’m proud to say I’m not nervous taking zip line from that moment. I felt excited and can’t wait to take for my turn. As soon as I jumped, all I did was shooting and shouting. It was a little bit slower than the other zip lines I tried but it is still different. The zip was smooth and so relaxing because of the breeze of cool air you can feel while zip lining. I felt the same with the 150m ride.

And our last ride, the longest zip line in Asia: the 840m ride. You need to take a shuttle to drive you to this last station. It’s almost a 10-min ride uphill. For the last zip line, we need to gear up again but this time, a superman style suit. This is my second time wearing this kind of suit. I’m excited, excited and just excited to take my turn. In our group, I and my uncle took the first batch to zip. Before taking off, we were given instructions while zip lining and the position to do before landing. And then we take off!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! I was shouting and shouting and just shouting while really enjoying the zip. I was like superman flying 4,500 ft above the ground crossing between pine trees. I want to try it again but this time without the wind breaker, the little parachute one so I can go faster. I consider this another one of the best zip line ever.

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