Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scuba Diving Davao

Davao is known for one of the best diving destination here in the Philippines. The Islands of Samal and Talikud Islands offer a wide diversity of marine life. Last Sunday it was my first time to experience a breathtaking underwater environment with some of my colleagues and friends. For scuba diving experience here in Davao, Carabao Dive Center is the diving shop is the place to be. For only 850, you can experience their intro dive package and a fee of 350 if you want to do a second dive. It was 8:00 in the morning when we started travelling from Sta. Ana wharf to Talikud Island. We were more than 20 divers and most of them are tourists. Minutes before arriving at the diving site the dive masters do the instructions about scuba diving.

He showed us the parts of the scuba tank and its uses. What are the DO’s and DON’Ts to do before and while scuba diving. And one of the best parts in the briefing is the hand signals. By the way, these hand signals are International Standard so it’s no problem with our tourists’ divemates. And last the three things we must always remember when diving.

1. Breathe. He explained and demonstrates to us how to breathe properly underwater and he reminds us not to hold our breath when diving, it’s a BIG no no in scuba diving.

2. Equalize. When you go deeper under the sea, a person can experience a headache due to pressure. So when scuba diving, always equalize before or during this will happen. To loosen the pressure or to equalize, hold your nose firmly and blow until you hear a popping sound in your ear. Another way to equalize is moving your mouth randomly. It’s like you are chewing something. The last technique our dive master taught us is simply swallowing our saliva. If these don’t work, do not go any deeper or ascend a little. He also shared to us that when scuba diving you must ascend or descend slowly to avoid pressure.

3. Have FUN. This is the last thing we must remember simply have FUN.

Scuba Diving is a breathtaking experience. The 30 minutes dive was like only 5 minutes for me. I really had fun watching and even touching some corals and fishes. I was amazed how beautiful it is. I really felt peace when doing the whole activity. For all people out there especially the Dabawenyos, you must Scuba Diving. We are blessed we are given beautiful diving sites here in Davao. I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last.


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