Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Davao to Macau: Macau at Night

When Dabawenyos was celebrating Kadayawan, I spent an out-of-country-vacation with my relatives. The first stop of our trip is Macau. From Davao to Manila to Macau, you’ll travel approximately 4 hours by plane. We just had this photo walk in the city on our first night. Thanks to cousin Ritchie for touring us around.

OOT: In Macau, beers are cheaper than bottled water but if you want bottled waters or tea for free, just visit any casino.


I've always wanted to avail the Hongkong-Macau trip... Maybe someday... :)

nice shots master!

thanks napz, sir rudolph and glay..

someday glay.. nice jud ang place.. dghan2x pud pinoy dd2 kaya murag nasa makati lang ka.. ang language lang ang lisod dd2.. :)

better shots lang akong gipang.upload..hehe.. more to come guys..

like what i have said.. pics were like in natgeo - traveler magazine..
aus2.! galing2.! ^-^ looking forward for the next posts..
galing ng mga night shots, enjoy.. :)

nice! ang ganda talaga sa macau! :D

@regina: grabeh pud ng natgeo..hehehe.. thanks po.. :)

@lady: :)

@jehz: thanks bai.. nice kaau magphotowalk dri.. :)

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