Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Davao Cyber Expo 2011: LAN Party Extreme

I was able to visit Davao Cyber Expo 2011: LAN Party Extreme held at SM Davao last Saturday. DCE 2011 is the gathering of all gatherings of the LAN PARTY community of Davao. PC Gamers, PC modders, and PC Enthusiasts come together not only to compete, but also to be part of the annual event. From custom build, to mid-tower and full-tower system units I was really amazed with these RIGs. I can say this is an expensive hobby since these powerful PCs costs from 50k up to 500k. IMHO, if you really can afford it and that can make you happy just go for it. Thank you and congratulations to the organizers, sponsors and the participants of Davao Cyber Expo 2011: LPX! Until next year!


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