Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Still Life | Basic Photography Workshop Experience

Last weekend, I attended my first basic photography workshop conducted by Still Life Team. For almost four months of learning Digital SLR photography, I realized I still need much to learn. At first, I thought ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed are the only factors in making a good photograph, well I’m wrong.

What exactly I learned?
  • The Fundamentals of film and DSLR.
  • Basic Parts and Function of DSLR.
  • Getting Correct Exposure
  • Factors affecting exposure
  • Aperture and Depth of Field
  • White Balance setting / Kelvin
  • Composition
  • Subtractive Composition
  • Perspective
  • Understanding Lighting
  • Basic Flash Photography
  • Flash Settings
  • On camera Flash
And more lessons and TIPS from his professional experience. It will take me a day to write all of it just to make it short he made me realized how newbie I was. Hahahahahaha! Seriously, here are some tips I learned from Brian Bravo and Still Life Team.

1. If you want to be a good photographer DO NOT use Photoshop or any photo editor. Don’t depend on Photoshop to make great pictures; it will just make you a Graphic Artist not a Photographer. You may use only use it if it’s part of your work like in Advertising, Fashion or any Commercial use.

2. Decide what type of photography you want to focus first before buying gears so if you are still undecided loathe your kit lens first.

3. Play with the Light. In Photography, the light is your best friend.

4. Always shoot in Manual Mode. You can maximize your camera by shooting in this mode instead of any other mode. Never use the Auto mode of your SLR camera.

5. Never use the Auto White Balance. Use the preset or custom one instead. Choose the temperature that is right with the message you want to deliver in your picture.

6. Plan your output even before holding your camera.

7. Check every detail before clicking the shutter: The subject, the background and the foreground.

8. Keep on shooting. Practice, practice and practice. You can’t learn anything in just one day.

9. Sometimes, break the Rules of Photography.

10. You don't need to be the best; you just need to be better than yesterday.

Honestly, I was intimidated at first since most of the participants are not so beginners as what I expected. Some of them do have these different lenses, filters and high-end cameras. Whew. But I’m glad; they’re approachable, friendly and willingly share their knowledge too and they let me use some of their gears too. Hahahahaha! I do now appreciate the external flash, reflectors and battery grip. Seriously, I don’t find them useful before.

I love the critic part. It made me realize what points should I look at before and while shooting. Maybe next time, I should be more talkative to them especially with the models since they were my subject in my shots. All of my shots were only stolen and I only knew it late that it’s prohibited. My photos to be submitted should be directed by me. Maybe next basic photography, I’ll do this part confidently. Again, a BIG Thank you mentor Sir Brian Bravo and Still Life Team. Till next shooting!


i've always wanted to take photography workshops or even courses unfortunately i cannot right now coz of my hebrew T_T. Thanks for sharing what you've learned :-)

hello glenn, you're lucky they do have photography courses in your place. We only have workshops and seminars so I'm grabbing every chance to learn some new stuffs. No problem, I'll keep posting about our hobby. :)

Goodluck in your hebrew classes too.

when will be the next workshop? I wanted to learn since I just have my DSLR 5100.nice blog..

Hello Chloebelle!

There are still no schedule for basic photography for the next months. I'll update you if there is one. :) Just a tip, read your manual twice for familiarity of your camera model so when you attend a workshop it will be easy for you.

Thanks for visiting!

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