Monday, July 4, 2011

Macro Photography without a Macro Lens

Like what I said in my Nikon 50mm Prime Lens Test post, you can do macro shots with it. And over the past days, I started to try it. Actually you can use your kit lens in doing this shots but I do prefer a prime lens since it is much faster and has a wider aperture so it will allow more light and more bokeh in my shots. How to do it? First, dismount your lens. Second, manually change the aperture into the lowest number (high aperture value). Third, reversely hold your lens into the camera and now you can start your macro photography. You can also buy a reverse ring so you don't need to manually hold it when shooting. These were some shots I did with Nikon D90 + 50mm 1.8D prime lens:


love the 2nd photo. anu settings mo? be careful with reversing your lens, dust inside the lens is a very scary thought...

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