Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Skyrider | Eden Nature Park

My third zip line experience was in the Sky Rider of Eden Nature Park. It is situated outside the Eden Nature Park opposite of the main gate. For only a Php 150, you can enjoy the zip line at the Sky Rider. It’s the cheapest zip line I think since you’ll be riding the zip line twice: a zip line ride to tower 2 and a zip line back to tower 1.

Before doing the zip line, you’ll be equipped with body straps and a helmet. After that, you need to climb at the top of the tower. This is my third time riding a zip line but this is the first time I got nervous. The cold breeze while climbing the stairs makes it more intense. As you reach the top, a very captivating wide view shall welcome you. After a few and quick instructions, we are now set to try the Sky rider zip line then the guys open our gates and off we go. WOOOOOOOOOO! The ride is much faster than I thoooooooought. I love the speed (good thing I’m heavier now, it added more speed at the Sky Rider), the view and the cold breeze that keeps hitting my face, its freezing. I want to try the spiderman style but I was afraid that my camera may fall towards the ground. Hope I can try it next time.

After the first zip, you need to climb the stairs again and do the Sky Rider zipline again back to tower 1. This time, I’m not nervous at all but rather excited. Again, I with my older brother do the first zip. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Again, I’m shouting like a kid. That was really great zip ride. My cousin and my younger brother enjoyed it as well. I’m not sure with the two first timers who are afraid riding zip lines. I would like to say congratulations to my mother and my aunt. Let’s try it again next time.

My younger brother signing the waiver

Gearing up

My Canonista cousin, April

The sight from 1st to the 2nd tower

My first timer Mom

Climbing up the 2nd tower

My older brother

My aunt and younger brother riding in one hand.

After the zip line, we tried the Indian Jones. I tried this many times since I was in grade school but it's still fun riding it. You just need to pull the rope to the opposite side. Once you're there, place yourself in a sitting position, hold the rope tight and jump of the ground and off you go!!


150 lang jud? then twice ang ride? ayos na keu.. when i also tried ziplining(i dont know the right word.. ajajaja), kulba jud xa.. mura kog mahulog,... many meters mani james?

yups jel.. :) maong sulit kaau..hehehehe.. paspas man gud xa masking bubo lang...

hello ms davaoena.. based sa lalake, 200m ang length sa zip line..

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