Monday, June 6, 2011

Purple Angels Cuzina

Last Saturday, I was invited by a colleague and friend of mine Naprey Almario to a dinner at Purple Angels Cuzina, located at Patnubay St. Sandawa Road, near 911. The ambience of Purple Angels Cuzina is so relaxing and child at heart. They have this area where kids can do activities such as drawing, doing their homework or even surfing the net. It’s really a great place especially for parents who have these active kids. They can do these activities while you wait for your food to be served.

We were warmly welcome by the owner and her family. All the foods are already served when we arrived. But before that, I and Charles (new friend of ours) took pictures of these mouth-watering foods. Most of us tasted these foods in other restaurants here in Davao but I can truly say this is the best I tried so far. We really enjoyed the foods served to us from the main course up to the desserts. Another great thing for Purple Angels Cuzina is their menu is really affordable. For barkadas, family, solo or group, I do really recommend this place.


yum yum.! ang pics.. pwde na book.. hehehe

thanks rej.. :)

try the food there daryl, sulit kaau.. ^^

lamia ani diri james ui...imu pud unta gibutang ilang menu + prices hehe

^_^ thanks sa suggestion davaoena.. cge2x, update lang nako ni na-post. :)

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