Friday, June 17, 2011

Nikon 50mm 1.8D: Prime Lens Test

Whew! What a day?! After my mom and I had a lunch, we went to this camera store at Chimes Specialty Store. While checking on the items, unexpectedly, most of their products are cheaper than some shops here in Davao. I was surprised. Yeah, when we say Chimes, the first thing that comes to my mind is expensive products and brand lines. And, yeah! I fell into temptation of buying a prime lens (and a camera bag larger than my old one). I don’t know what comes into me since it was all set that I’ll buy these things in HK. They also gave me a huge discount since I bought two items. ^_^ Thanks Sir! (Geez, forgot to ask his name and the store name, the one beside Powerhub)

I purchased a Nikon 50mm 1.8D prime lens. It is the cheapest and lightest lens of Nikon lenses. Why not 1.8G version? I chose the D version since my camera model Nikon D90 has a built-in motor already. So what does it implies? Lenses like 50mm 1.8D which has no motor at all can focus automatically you have a camera with built-in motor.Unlike D80, D3100 or D5100 which has no motor, you can use only the G version which has motor in order to use the focus auto mode and these lenses are much expensive than the D ones.

What is a prime lens? When we say prime lens it means the focal point is fixed. For example, you cannot zoom from 18mm to 55mm or to 105mm or back to 18mm. If it’s 28mm prime lens, the focal point is only 28mm, no more no less.

Do I really need a prime lens? Why should I buy this one? From my experience, I say it’s YES. You must move closer or move away from your subject when shooting since you have a fixed focal point so by doing this you will improve in creating your composition. It’s a fast lens and has a high aperture value so you’ll do better in low lighting situation. This will give you a better DOF control. Third, it’s cheap and light lens. Lastly, if you love Bokeh like me, this one is for you. This will give you amazing Bokeh effect. I can also do macro shots by handheld reverse lens method or for your convenience buy a reverse ring. An alternative for an expensive macro lenses.

There will be some point in your learning days that you want some certain shots but you reach your kit lens limitation. If you have your DSLR and your lens, I do suggest you test each focal length first so you can decide what focal length you like most and what prime lens you should buy.

Here are some test shots I did:


yes. the best lens there is. very good choice

weeeeeh.! nakabili na rin atlast.! hehehehe love macro shots dn.^^
ready to go na tlaga cam mo ya james.. congratz.!

definitely the best lens. great for portraits and low light situations where you can't use a flash. i have the 35mm and its always attached to my camera!

I agree with you kim/mj.. just tested it in a low light environment and it really works.. :)

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