Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Delongtes Seafoods Grill & Barbeque

Delongtes (short for “The Long Taste”) Seafood, Grill & Barbecue: Whenever my mom visits us, she makes sure that visiting this restaurant is in her schedule. I remembered this was recommended by my aunt way back years ago and until now we are still one of its loyal customers. Delongtes Seafoods, Grill & Barbecue is located at Tulip Drive near SM City Davao. It opens around 10:00 am and closes at 11:00 pm. Delongtes Seafoods Grill and Barbeque has a wide parking lot, a playground for kids, WIFI access in all floors for techie people, PWD lanes for those who are physically challenged persons and has a nice environment to dine in.

Since we arrived early that day they invited us to dine-in at the Delongtes Subway instead. It’s just the underground area of the restaurant and fully-air-conditioned one. Every weekend, they have this live/acoustic band. They also have 3 KTV rooms which you can exclusively use which are suitable for families or barkadas. You can also rent the whole Delongtes Subway area for family gatherings or company events. I do recommend you trying their kinilaw and chicken barbeques menus; it’s truly tasty and juicy. I can’t help not to eat the skin part of the chicken even if it’s prohibited to me. Hahaha! We also ordered Camaron Rebosado, family’s favorite dish, really crispy and delicious one. Geez, I’m getting hungry just by recalling its taste.


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