Saturday, May 28, 2011

Outlet of Depression

Depressed, bored, tired, felt neglected by a friend, gossips around me: These feelings made me to do this just this morning. Maybe I just want to let all this negative vibes disappear. I need an outlet. It was about 3:30 in the morning when I decided to go to the seaside to take pictures. I’m still in the learning curve and still figuring out what field of photography should I focus to maybe landscape and seascape is one of it. No one knows.

With the bike I borrowed from my aunt (thanks Aunt Gie), I brought my backpack, tripod and my camera. It’s nice to go biking early in the morning. Fresh and cold air, no traffic, few people jogging, birds chirping gives me a peaceful sensation. It’s been years since I last visited the seaside of this beach in Toril. I remembered we often use to jog and bond here with my high school friends. The weather this morning was quite terrible. Even the sky is almost clear; the waves from the sea were really strong.

I do have some problems before and whileshooting:

1. Tripod: Setting it up is still unfamiliar with me. Finding a place where to set it up is another problem. I want to shot a lower angle but I’m afraid the waves might hit my camera.

2. The Stink: Yes! The place has this really nasty odor. Garbage and dog’s poof scattered everywhere. :(

3. ISO: I started using ISO 800, it was about 4 in the morning and just realized it late to lower it as soon as the sun rises. That’s why most of my shots were too grainy. Must not forget this next time. sorry for some noise in some shots

Here are some shots I did this morning:

Taken around 4:00 am


IMBA!..ikaw na jud ang gitakna sa mananagna..

thanks lee... :) sabay ta next time sa seawall ni david. hihihihi..

murag gipakuluan ang mga bato oh! lolz! pero simply is the best like the bird in the lamp post! *CLAP CLAP

wow nice pix ... uban ko sunod ...

hahahaha.! naa nkay isa na nadani ya james oh.. (si sir randy).^^

thanks ker..salamat nel.. :)

cge sir rsg, 1st try pa man pud nako ni..hehehe..

hahahahaha! amew jud ka rej..

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