Friday, May 20, 2011

Night Photography at Bajada

What’s the use of buying and just leaving it in your cabinet? Take your camera out and shoot, practice every day or if you bring your camera don’t just hang your camera on your neck for display. Hehehe. These are some lessons I learned from some photographers in FPS. So most of the time, I bring my camera with me when going out.

Just like what happen after we visited Gaisano Mall last few weeks, we just decided to walk along Bajada and try what I can do with my camera at night. Higher ISO, slower shutter speed, low F-stops is the key in night photography. But setting a camera at High ISO makes the picture grainier, using slow shutter speed has a high chance to blurry images and low F-stops lowers your depth-of-field. When these are set right, you can obtain a correct exposure even at night. Let me share some pictures I taken that night.

In these pictures below, I tried long exposure. You can use shutter priority or manual mode in this. Just lower your shutter speed to obtain this kind of picture. Remember, the longer the exposure (lower shutter speeds), the more light is absorbed. Tripod is recommended because when camera share is present in long exposure photography, your pictures will become blurry. When doing it by hand, try to hold your breath for seconds (hahahaha) or just look for some place where you can put your camera.

ISO: n/a
Exposure: 6.9 sec
Aperture: 13.0

ISO: n/a
Exposure: 6.6 sec
Aperture: 13.0

Bokeh effect is one of my favorite in photography. For this shot, I use manual focus to turn off the auto focus of my camera. Lower the number of your F-stop to allow more bokeh effect, lowering the value of F-stop allows more light also.

ISO: 800
Exposure: 1/6 sec
Aperture: 5.6

ISO: 400
Exposure: 1/6 sec
Aperture: 5.3

Don't get frustrated when you're unsatisfied with your shots. Just always stick with your bestfriends, TRIAL and ERROR. hehehe. I did a lot of shots before getting these images I want. Practice and just keep on shooting. :)


aun oh..i need those readings james, so I know how to replicate those images u have..^_^..will try it soon!.. how you can place a reading for all of your pics..hihihi... << demanding!

*hope not how..tsk3x..Keep SMILING! alam mo nah...^_^

Ikaw na ang MAGALING! (clap)
Pa-tutor ko beh. Hahaha.

@DLL: hahahahaha! all pics jud?? okie2x.. i'll post the EXIF from now on. :D

@melon: thanks yat! :) waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. dli pa woie..hehehe..

thanks sa pagbasa2x..:)

Wow ganahan ko sa mga circle lights! Hehhe! pwede i wallpaper! >:)

i remember last christmas season.. the city was filled with lights..
so interesting to take some pictures and capture those..
hahaha.! i was like a lil kid - longing for the big blur circle effect.. but it was hard with sole powershot..
now, with just few clicks u got that bokeh effect.. great indeed.! hurray.! ^-^

hahahhahah! karemember ko.. thanks rejserenity.. :) thanks sa support..hehehe

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