Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lakbayan: How much of the Philippines have you visited?

Lakbayan: How much of the Philippines have you visited? Seen this post by Taga-davao Ako and tried it by myself. Just simply fill up the form to generate a code and generate a map. My Lakbayan grade is C-! Really, just C-? I just realized that I only visited major cities here in the Philippines. hehehe.

One of my dreams is to visit different places all over Davao and outside the City. Take photographs of it and share it to other people. It's a blessing for me that Davao have many tourist spots to offer, no need for me to travel far anymore. How about you? How much of the Philippines have you visited? Try it out at Lakbayan!


wow..ako sa min palang jud buh..tsk2x

Hi james, I have a new post. hope you can share some thoughts about it. ^_^

kakavisit lang ko..hehehe..

chooks ra na.. hinayhinayan nato ni ug laag..hehehehe.. :D

Hi James, I hope that if you push through with your plan to visit other parts of the country, you will also include in your itinerary the amazing rock formations in my province, Northern Samar. Some of the photos I've posted at my blog. May they inspire you ;)

Miss N of

wow.. nice2x.. parang nasa ibang bansa lang.. sure! pahaba2x pa ang listahan ko, wala naman masama kung mangarap..hehehe..

thanks for visiting.. :)

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