Monday, May 2, 2011

Gap Farm Davao

This was the day we also did the prenuptial shot for my friends. Just like I said from my previous post, it was supposed to be in Hagimit but due to some unexpected circumstances we end up in the Gap Farm. It was years since the last time I visited back here and the place is almost the same from what I seen before. Going here isn’t easy since there are no jeepneys are taking any route to Gap. You can take a cab or a motorcycle from Ma-a Crossing. Geez, I can’t remember how much we pay for the entrance. Hehehe. Oh, just bring extra money for the corkage if you are planning to bring some food and drinks, quite expensive though and they charge by the number of containers. You can have your lunch at CafĂ© Lorenza, inside the Gap Farm, if you don’t want to bring your own food. If you want a peaceful place near the city and close to nature, you can visit Gap Farm. It has plenty of trees, picnic groves, playground and a swimming pool.


Kalami nila'g trip oi..nice shots james.

thanks lee.. :) excited nako sa surigao, madaun unta..hahahahaha!

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