Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Everything PET-stacular | NCCC Mall of Davao

Another PET-stacular event for this month of May. This is a great news for all the pet lovers in Davao. This coming May 15-18, 2011, Everything PET-stacular will be held at NCCC Mall of Davao, this is Davao's 1st Pet Fest. A series of shows and competitions will be showcase in this event. Come and participate! Just check the images below for details.


james naibog jud ko anang slide show nimo. jquery na sa? sorry diri ko nag message. hehe di man ko kabalo mobutang ana ui. nahan ta ko kanang feature content ba...tsk gina figure out pa nako hehe

hehehehe.. okay lang woie.. apil naman ni sa akong template, naa nay instructions didto unsaon pag.add ug image.. :D change template na lang te.. ^^

good day! :)

this is Jessica, one of the organizers of the event. Pls. be advised that we already changed our venue. It will be at NCCC Mall Davao. You can find more details on Facebook.

Thanks for posting this. :)

Hi Maam Jess,

:) I'll update my post and tell those who I informed about this event. Thanks for the information.


@anonymous: don't know though if my Pet fest this year.. XD

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