Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Enchanted River: From Cave to Fish Cage

From Cave to Fish Cage: Our last destination for this little island hopping is a fish cage near the exit of Enchanted River. Just like the saying says, “Save the best for last”. It is really the best and the most enjoyable destination we visited. The entrance fee here is only Php 5.00. Inside the fish cages are Pawikans and huge fishes. But I was more excited seeing the Pawikans. We were allowed to touch these pawikans so we hurried and jump off the fish cage and tried to catch any one of these pawikans. After 5, 10 or maybe 20 minutes of swimming around the cage, we FAILED. We were really exhausted and catching my breath that time however I was able to get some shots of these elusive pawikans. One of our guides gets frustrated watching us failing to catch these creatures. He volunteered to help us. With the help of Mr. Google (goggles), for only about 5 minutes, he finally caught one in his hand. Geez, a small kid beats us! Hahahahaha! Thanks to Rej and Cindy for taking some pics.

The Fish Cage

Ang Pawikan

Taken by Rej

The Ninja Turtles

Handling with care

With Maam Cindy aka Mutya

L-R: Tsardkyut and our helpful guide

hahahaahaha! sakit sher? >:)


waaaaah.! nkakainggit.. la koy pic.. hehehehe gce lng nalingaw man pd ko shot2 sa in.u.^-^
enjoi au..

thanks rej! ;) salamat kaau. nice naman pud kag mga kuha..hehehe.. ^_^

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