Monday, May 9, 2011

2nd Mindanao Toy Convention Experience | Gaisano Mall

Last Sunday, at the Atrium of Gaisano Mall of Davao, we came to watch the 2nd Mindanao Toy Convention. It was my 2nd time to attend the toy convention and for me, this year is bigger and better. Small, group and life-size toys were exhibit in the area, most of them are really cool. I was amaze while looking at these toys. Since it was the last day of the event, it is not questionable that a bunch of people who attended the Toycon. More cosplayers join the contests this year. Just by watching the toys and the cosplayers in the Toycon, it brings much joy to the people attended the event whether they are kids or kids by heart. Entries from the photoygraphy contest were displayed on the wall as well; I hope I’ll not be too busy to join next time.
Congrats to all who join and the winners! I’m looking forward for the next toy convention next year. Let me share some photos we took in the event: (Thanks to Lee for some of the pictures)


wow kau ang mga toys. wow lng pud kau ang price hehe. nice pics master. Professional na kau ^_^

Unta makaadto ko sa toycon nxt yr. hehe

wow nice one james^^ naa pa jud nice pics.. Keep it up^^

sweat man pud ng prof woie.. mga 25% lang gud ang tarong na shots..hehehehe.. pakyas ang uban.. trial and error..hihihhi.. uban ta next year tels.. ^_^

thanks anonymous! :D paila2x pud..

WAAA. Nice nice pics!! Mas daghan cute na mga toys karon kompara last year. Hahaha.

weeeh.! nice to be part of this.^^ (PA sa photographer).. hahaha.!

nice ang first pic.. pwde na pang.entry.^^

hehehe cute dn pic namin ni little luffy.. kya like like like.^^

hala nag toy convention diay? ka nice gud ani

@yat: lage yat. cge lang gud mi tuyok2x balik2x..hahahahah!

@tsard: thanks kyut.. hehehe..

@rej: salamat kaau sa pagbitbit sa akong bag..hehehehe.. :)

@davaoena: uu, last day tong sunday.. naa pa btaw next year.. ^_^

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