Sunday, March 20, 2011

Juris Celebrates in Davao

Julie Iris Fernandez better known as Juris Fernandez celebrates her first concert as a solo artist last March 12, 2011 at SM Davao Cinema 1. It's hard to believe that after how many years I'll be able to see her performs again. Wooooooooo Woooooooooooooooot! Sorry, I really can't helped it since I'm a Jurism ever since. =) hehehe.

Together with Naprey and Rej, we arrived early to get good seats in the place since it is first come first serve unlike in the Music Museum where you'll be given a seat number. It's kinda disappointing since most of the VIP seats were all reserved for the sponsors luckily the concert staffs are too hospitable especially to Naprey Almario and they decided to let us choose the seats we want. LUCKY!

Front acts included the celebrated duo “Mutya & Jonathan”, “Gabby Sombilon Solo Act” and local band named “Lizard Chips”.

And YES the long wait is over, it's Juris turn! but before that her bandmates Mic (guitar/vocals), Oja (keyboard), John (drums) and Rey (bass) entered the scene and do some sound check.

The audience can't wait to see the star of the night (advance birthday celebrant too). The lady in dazzling pink violet dress surprises us as she walks towards the stage. I am totally speechless after seeing her personally after a few long years. From a simple acoustic girl to an outstanding solo artist, I really can't imagine how she evolved. She really owned the stage and wowed the crowd with todays famous songs and some of her own originals: "Di Lang Ikaw", "Opposites Attract", "Nandiyan Ka Lang Pala" and "Who Was I". I am also anticipating for "Dear You", "Getting Over You" and"You Got Me Here" but sad to say it's not included in her performance for that night. Still I'm really happy to attend her concert. My close friends keep on teasing me since I can't help to smile even Juris is singing sad songs. Hahahahaha!

Here are some pictures I take from the concert:

Here are some videos I recorded from the concert:

Juris and her band even added two extra songs just please us chanting for MORE!! =) I didn't realized that the concert is almost at its end, "Time really flies fast when you are having fun". She really is the best and my companions got infected with the Juris virus. hahahahaha! I really thought she is leaving immediately that time so I quickly asked my close friend for a marker because I really wanted her autograph in my Juris CD and "Life and Living in Mindanao Travel and Lifestyle Magazine". Quickly I ran into her and she notice me holding these and there goes my silly moment! While writing her autograph she said:

Te Ju: "Unsa man ni woie?! Whiteboard marker man ni?! =) "

Hahahahahah! I was a bit embarrass and find smiling at myself. :))) Instead of a permanent marker, my close friend handed me a whiteboard marker (He's a teacher that is why he have those in his bag). Another wowed moment. ^_^

While going out in the cinema, we noticed people falling in line and we fall in line too hoping it is a pictorial and autograph session with Juris (again). As we asked her to sign again the mag and cd, she said: "Giunsa man ninyo ni woie?!" (since the ink washed out already) hehehehe. I think she forgot that I just asked her autograph minutes ago. Another happy moment!

I am still in the state of starstruck that time while leaving the premises. One of the guards offered us to used the private elevator of the building. They are really concern with my friend in wheelchair. It was another first time for me. hahahahha! (ang babaw!) Unexpectedly, we spotted the band of Juris (John, Oja, Rey and Mic) outside waiting for her and so we grabbed the chance to take a picture with them. They are friendly and approachable like our Idol. :)

Sad to say I didn't meet her manager: Miss Carla Lozada. Oh well, there will be a next time, I hope. :) For me to keep updated, I always check her official fanpage in facebook and twitter. Tweeting to her most of the time just to keep in touch even though she didn't know me at least she knew there is someone who always supports her. (char!) Though she tweeted back rarely it's fine with me. hehehe. I'll always support her no matter what. :) (even she get married! excited much na kami..hahahahahah!)

Thanks to Abi and the fellow Jurisms for unconditionally sharing her videos/pictures and updates to others particulary who are not in the Luzon area that can come easily in her gigs. I wish I can meet all of you someday. Special thanks to Naprey and Rej for coming with me that night, despite your work schedule both of your were able to come with me. :) Love you guys!


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