Thursday, April 28, 2011

Greenwich Pizza | Gaisano Mall

Davao is a place known for pizza lovers. Several pizza houses keep appearing in the town for these last few months. From small to larger pizza stores, from narrow to wide sizes of pizza, you bet it almost everything can be found here. One of my favorite here is Greenwich Pizza located in Gaisano Mall of Davao. This branch is always full of customers so don’t be surprised if you can’t find any available space for you, you can take it out instead and eat in the food court. My favorite pizza here is the double size hawaiian pizza, a pizza top with ham and cheese with pineapples tidbits. It is the cheapest from the menu also. Added with a glass of soft drinks, I and my girl are so full with this serving. Next time, I want to try their overload pizza plus unlimited soft drinks with my friends.


Patry ko sa overloaded ha. :D

hahahahahaha! sure! next time, si payat ang taya karren.. >:)

i love more the hawaiian overload with pineapple juice.^^ yum yum.!
greenwich is the best pizza ever tasted..

hahahahahah! overload jud ang gusto oh.. manlibre raw si payat sa atoa next time.. >:)

calda diay, dili ka gusto??

paaakkk.. kato maning nakit-an nako sila james last sunday.. hehe

yey pa-pizza na rej&james!!:))
maskin dili overload pyts ra!

Kinsa ba manlibre? o___o
Bitaw, maski dili overload. Payts! Pero mas lami jud ang overload. Hehehe.

@angelo: uu, lami kaau ang.. hahahhhahah!

@anonymous(catamora): mao ni tong nagshopping ang bday celebrant, grabeng hilom2x.. :D

@karren/payat: hahahhahah! puhon2x, treat tamo.. coworker lang man mong duha noh??! >:) dali ra mo kontakon pag pizza attack na..hahhahaha!

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