Friday, April 22, 2011

Gaisano Mall Cinema Davao

Gaisano Mall Cinema is one of the places I typically hang out. It is a common thing for a movie addict like me. My favorite cinemas here are the Red Carpet and the 3D cinema; it is just a little pricey compare to others but make sure the run time of the show you’ll be watching is longer than normal so the money you pay for is worth it. I do recommend watching 3D movies for animations and Red Carpet for the movies you really anticipated to. Sometimes, I just check for reviews in the internet first before watching the movies in the cinemas so I do have an idea whether the movie is really worth it to watch or not or is it okay to watch in 3D or not. For Gaisano Mall Cinema schedule, you can visit their official website:

Gaisano Mall Cinema Ticket Prices:

3D: Upper Deck - Php 300
Lower Deck - Php 230

VIP: Php 130

Red Carpet: Php 200

Ordinay Cinemas: Premiere - Php 105
De Luxe - Php 85


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