Sunday, April 10, 2011

Emars Wavepool Davao

I have been looking forward for swimming outing this summer but I never thought this would be this soon. Last Saturday, I was invited to a swimming outing by my workmate with my other colleague and his family. We went to Emars Wavepool Davao. It is located in Times Beach Matina, Davao City. Aside from their wave pool they also have a hotel where you can check-in for overnight stay. Entrance for kids is Php 150.00 while for adults like me is Php 200.00. It is a reasonable price for an elegant ambience like Emars Wavepool Davao. They also have mini parks, restaurant and really nice cottages. Unfortunately, they don’t serve overnight for the wavepool, it is open until 10:00pm only. If you are planning to go here, do not bring your food since the corkage is way too much expensive.

I really had fun that night. It was also a welcome party for Mark Oliver Mole, my other workmate who now resides here in Davao. Special thanks to Naprey Almario for inviting me here. Naps' family is so friendly,easy to go with and so hospitable. We really enjoyed our swimming activities particularly when the siren makes a loud noise indicating that the waves are coming. It was like a sea dragon experience, just a small version though. hahahaha! Lastly, I had a date with my baby james, it was the first time I brought it outside the field and had a shoot. It was kinda hard at first trying to figure out how to set my camera in low lighting condition. In the end, we were able to figure it out after how many trial shots. :)


witweew. lililili like James. ako pud gahimo article bout the outing pro wa pa nko nhuman, hahahha. save as draft lang sa. lol.

Post na naps woie..hehehe.. :) promote Davao!! ^_^ thanks for droppin by..

the place looks interesting..did you get to try the food in the resto? how was it?

hello sir olan..

Yes i did, my colleague treated us in the restau after swimming. Their food is great but don’t how much the menu costs.


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