Saturday, April 30, 2011

Darian + April Prenup | My First Shoot

It was just 2 weeks since I purchased and learned how to use my new camera. And finally, here comes my first photo shoot, a pre-nuptial shoot for two of my close friends Darian and April. Our first location was supposed to be at Hagimit Falls but the due to some reasons we decided to shoot at the Gap Farm. It rain the night before the day of the shoot so the surroundings is still wet. Geez, I can’t take some photos we planned beforehand. Aside from it, the weather is gloomy and cloudy which made it harder to shoot for a newbie like me. Fortunately, the couples and our other two friends, Chris and Rej, assist and help me. They gave me some ideas and comments while shooting them and sometimes even jokes which made me feel at ease. The little pressure was gone and it turns to be a really fun shoot. (This was all taken two weeks ago. I’m thankful to Sir Icon Jen Chua and Darryl Lara for giving some critiques and comments in my shots. I’ll try to improve my composition next time.) :)


cool pics bro! I just thought you are pro.. continue taking pics cause you have the passion for it!

:) I'm just a hobbyist and a newbie, I still need to learn a lot. I'm glad there are photographers here in Davao unselfishly sharing their knowledge. ^^ Thanks for appreciating anonymous1!

nice shots for just a newbie.^^
learning comes from experiences..
just take one step at a time and keep it up.!

hawda master uie..clap clap!!
prof na kaayo ang dating!^_^

lisod jd james nuh pg hobby na nimo..hehehe..keep it up james..sunod ani new concepts napud..
And congratulations to darian and april as well!

@rej: ♥ thank you! ^_^

@karren: ulaw man pud ta woie..hehehe.. salamat karren.. :)

@ang: lage ang.. tuon mode pa jud ko.. :D kampay pra kina darpril..hehehe..

Pictures are just superb...
keep up with the good work
Good luck

Thanks for the appreciation Tourist Place.. :) I'll just say its beginners luck.. hehehe.. ^^

hi james, you might want to check out this website

they're cebu based wedding photographers and they have really beautiful concepts hehehe

keep it up!

btw, would you like to exchange links? ;)

nice site... thanks davaoena..

Sure, I added you already in my blogroll.. thanks for visiting again.. ^^

I was doing SEO on my blog when I came across your site... you should have posted the whole set in FPS so we could have helped more.

you're welcome btw... :D keep shooting!

whoa! sir darryl! hehehehe.. didn't expect you here.. yeah! I was waiting for more critiques in the first two pictures I posted before posting the rest but on second thought I'll post it now..hahahahaha!

Thanks sir! I'm still looking for a basic photography workshop, hope you can help me.. I wasn't unable to attend sir Ricky Ladia's last April since it was their wedding.. Thanks again! :)

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