Thursday, April 14, 2011


Just last week, I always experience BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) in my computer but my computer turns okay after restarting. But it behaves odd yesterday, it crashes for about 3 times and it was still in the middle of the day. So it turns that I have no choice but to check the hardware of the computer. I cleaned the MOBO and its peripherals suspecting it will resolve the problem but after 2 hours, my computer crashes again. At first, I was in denial that my RAMs were the reason for these crashes but ended up accepting it and perform a memory test. At first test, I was able to found out that one of my RAMs is faulty. Finally, I was happy that I found out the real reason for these crashes but at same time I was depressed knowing my RAM capacity just reduce. Lessons I learned? I must frequently clean my computer. I should not overuse it next time since I usually work for about 10-16 hours a day. I should buy more fans or even water coolers for a better a better ventilation in my computer. (-.-)


wATTER Coolers?

Nag Ingon ana pud gud akoa sauna! hihi pro ng stop n xa! wla lang nq gigamit for about 24 hrs then ala n xa ng crash hihi

water cooling system jones.. :) nagOH man pud gud akong proc..ahahahha! electric fan lang akong remedy.. hahahhah! T.T

the same ta ug experience james, this week lang pd... murag 16-20 hours jud a day working ako unit,.. ajejeje/./

wowowee! grabeh jud ang OT.. $$$$$ kaw ni dol?? >:)

yup. kabalo lageh ka bai.. galinga dyud ana niya oi.. photographer na pd diay ka bai? pila bayad? ajejej...

hobbyist lang dol.. dli pa PRO.. :)

labor of love man to dol + treat sa kaon ug pool sa Gap..hahahaha!

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