Monday, March 28, 2011

Island Hopping Davao

Yes, for the second time around I can snorkel again in the enchanted beaches of Talikud Island here in Davao but this time with BoB and friends. This is possible because of I think it was about two months ago since I won an Ipod touch on It was really not mine; we just decided to use my account in the raffle. In short, it was a team effort of all of us. Thanks again to Piclyf! =)

The travel time from Sta. Ana Wharf going to the Coral Garden is like about an hour and one half. The Coral Garden is our first stop. It is more beautiful than the first time I see this place. It is still captivating. It was like the waters is calling me to dive in and we do have visitors this time, a school of Jellyfish!! hahahahhaha! Most of us don't mind our visitors and just enjoy the beauty of the Coral garden.

That was great! Oops that's only the first spot to visit, next stop the Babu Santa Beach Resort. Babu Santa is known for it's cheap rates but the area is really great. Here, we will have our lunch and if you like you can enjoy the white sand beach of the resort. Here are some pictures of ours.

After the Babu Santa, we're off to our last destination. The Angels Cove! For me this is the best spot for swimmers like me. The depth of the area is approximately 15 feet. While my friends were bus snorkeling and swimming with their life vest I tried to reach the bottom of it. It was hard since the pressure at the bottom cracks my head. :))) But I was able to push it through, I wanna try it again but I am afraid something might happen to me. hehehe. Here, the corals is really awesome especially the apple one, I don't know what it is called.

BoB and Friends
"One of the best outings ever!"

Davao Scuba Dive Center can offer an Island Hopping package for only around Php 6.3k but I think it would still be the same choosing the other scuba center since you’ll need to pay for the rental of life vests and snorkels. It depends on how many will use the swimming equipments, it’s up to you. From my first experience I can say that Wind and Wave Davao has better snorkels though it is limited to 5-10 pieces only but all life vests are free of use. A big disappointment from Davao Scuba Dive Center is when we found out that the rental of life vest is only Php 30 but they overcharge it to Php 100, good thing the owner is around that time. “While the cat's away the mouse will play”.

Davao Scuba Dive Center
Monteverde St., Near Sta. Ana Wharf,
Davao City, Philippines, 8000

Telephone Number:

Wind and Wave Davao
PPA Building, Sta. Ana Wharf
8000 Davao City, Philippines

Telephone Numbers:
63 082 305-DIVE (3483)
63 082 300-DIVE (3483)


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